Online Payroll,Proven Job Search and Some Jailbreak Info

Proven Job Search

Prove Job Search an app developed by lets you search for jobs from source like Craigslist and Simply Hired. This is a very handy app when you are not sitting at your computer looking at several job source sites. With this app you will be able to search for a job, add a job posting to your favorites list, you can create a  resume, write a cover letter, check the jobs that you applied to. I find this app simple and easy to use. Personally I don’t like having to go on my computer to search for jobs. I think this app is really great for searching for a job.

Online Payroll

I don’t work in payroll, but this app caught my eye. I was curious so I had to download it and see what it was all about. I always believed that when someone works in payroll they have to be in an office on a computer preparing checks for employees. I was wrong with this app you can do it from anywhere. If I worked in payroll I would use this app. Online Payroll was developed by Intuit. I tried the sample payroll or tutorial I call it. The app is very simple and user-friendly. I really like this app and I don’t even work in payroll. This would be a great app for people who work in payroll.

Jailbreak Info

In the last post I made, I did mention the terms jailbreaking a lot, right? Well, I came to notice, that in fact all apps that I’ve mentioned so far are available for free! But, in Cydia only. Sorry for the troubles caused if you were confused. I’ll add 2 more tutorials that will help you to jailbreak some popular iPhones, as I feel that many of you will be interested in actually taking some action, as the amount of money that you can save doesn’t weigh up to the few troubles to do a jailbreak, so I think.

I’ll list the last 2 jailbreaks that I feel you need to know below:

1 – Here you can find the tut that will help you to jailbreak iPhone 5c and other “5″ devices.

2 – This tut will help you to do an iPhone 4 jailbreak, as well as 4s but that’s another story as mentioned in the tut.

I really hope you get something out of this. Just let me know so I can anticipate my new posts towards extra features, apps and what not!

Thanks for reading, always.

JustWink, Vigil & Must-Have Recipes


justWink is an amazing app that was developed by AGC. justWink is a greeting card app that lets you personalize a card. You can add your own photo, message and add your signature on the card. There are plenty of categories to choose from such as wedding, baby, congrats, random notes, birthday and more. You can send your card via email, text message, Facebook, or real mail. I really love this app, there’s plenty of cards to choose from and it’s a great way to personalize and send a card. If you don’t have this app, then I recommend you download it.


Vigil is a website monitoring app developed by Heirloom. You can add every site you own to the app so it will be monitored. If there is anything wrong with your site Vigil will send you a notification. This is an app you should try if you run your own website. This app comes in handy, I recommend it. The app has a free 30 day subscription, after the 30 days it’s $9.99 for 12 months. Note: you can get this app for free on Cydia. The only downside this has its that you have to jailbreak your device. As this app is only available for iPads, iPhone 3g and Apple Tv’s, you’ll need to use the following tuts: Here you can the tut to jailbreak iPad 2. Here you can find the tut to jailbreak Apple Tv. Lastly, it’s always wise that if you’re having the iPhone 3g, that you do the jailbreak before using an unlock (so if you’re already unlocked your iPhone, please don’t jailbreak it). Find the tut on how to jailbreak iPhone 3g here.

Must-Have Recipes

When I saw this app developed by Meredith Corporation, I just had to download it. I love cooking and I’m always looking for recipes. There is over 500 free recipes in this app. You have recipes for beverages, breads, desserts, main dish, slow cooker and many more. You can put the recipes you really like in the favorites by tapping the star when you are looking at a recipes. You can create a shopping list and there also videos of cooking tips. This a great app. I really recommend this app.

7 Minute Workout , Love Your Leftovers & Caillou House of Puzzles

7 Minute Workout

Here is a great app that I find useful. 7 Minute Workout is an app developed by Bytesize. With this app you can workout, learn exercises, and watch a video of how to do the exercise. I’m not good with working out, but I really like this app and I think I will be using it more to help with my exercising. I recommend this app to you. It’s a great way to workout.

Love Your Leftovers

Love Your Leftovers is a cooking app developed Holroyd City Counsil. We all have those leftovers in the fridge and we don’t know what to do with all the leftovers. Some leftovers that I reheat in the microwave don’t taste good. Well with this app you can get some good recipes for your left overs. There are recipes for leftover bread, cake, fruit, vegetables, pasta and rice. You can favorite a recipe and submit your own recipe. I will be using this app more often for recipe ideas.

Caillou House of Puzzles

Caillou House of Puzzles an app developed by Budge Studios is an app that your kids would love. In this  app you explore Caillou’s house by tapping a room on his house and putting three puzzles together in that room. There are three difficulties easy, medium and hard. Easy has nine pieces of puzzles, medium has fifteen pieces of puzzles, and hard has twenty pieces of puzzles. I think your child would love this app it. I actually had fun using it myself.

Journalized, Free App Magic & BeBop Blox


Here is an app that I really like and you might like it as well. This is an app developed by Andrew Hart. With this app you can journal any time you want and anywhere you want. You can also add photos and videos in this journal app. I love this app a lot! I usually journal in a notebook, but this app comes in handy because when I don’t have my notebook I use this app, then when I am able to, I copy what I wrote in the app to my notebook. The app is easy to use, the interface is easy and smooth.

Free App Magic

Here is an app that you might like. This app was developed by With this app you can discover three apps every day. There are three fireworks that you touch and it explodes revealing an app. I really find this app handy!

BeBop Blox

This app is great for the younger kids. I’m not a parent, but I’ve seen parents let their younger kids look at their phones and play the games. This is a great app for your little ones to enjoy! BeBop Blox is an app developed by Callaway Digital Arts. This is a puzzle building app with colorful shaped blocks. Your child will pick one out of twelve puzzles they want to do, the puzzles range from a duck to a submarine. This is a really cute app, your kids will love it! You can play this app with them teaching them the shapes, colors and the puzzle that they put together.

The First 3 Apps: RetailMeNot, Double Player and InstaTag

retailmenotRetailMeNot Coupons App

This is a great app developed by RetailMeNot. You can find coupons that you can print or coupon codes for some stores to shop online. You can find great deals and coupons with this app. If you like to save some extra cash  and find great deals, then I recommend this app. The app is simple to use and simple to search for stores.

This is a very handy app! The app is free to download and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

doubleplayerDouble Player for Music with Headphones Pro

This is a really cool app that I love a lot! This app was developed by Giacomo Guglielmi. I remember when I had a CD player and my sister and I would have to get those dual headphone jacks to listen to the same song with separate headphones.With this app you can listen to two different songs at once with one pair of headphones or if you’re with a friend on a bus, plane or just sitting next to one another and they want to hear some music, just give them an earphone and they can listen to a song they love.

It’s a really cool app.The app is only $0.99 to download.


Instatag is an app developed by Annex Products. With Instatag you can create and find hashtags for your Instagram photos so that people can find, like and comment on your photos. I really like this app! I will use it more often when I upload a photo to Instagram. This is a great handy app. I recommend it to you.

The app is free for a limited time, so if you don’t have this app and you love to Instagram then hurry up and download Instatag.